ESSENTIAL LIPIDS Fight fat with Fat!

Essential Lipids You need essential lipids for basic health.ESSENTIAL LIPIDS
Fight fat with Fat!


You eat right, make good food choices, and try to exercise. But chances are you’re deficient in essential lipids (EFA’s). Scientific studies show that 8 out of every 10 Americans – 80% - are deficient in essential lipids. And, alarmingly, studies show that nearly 100% of the people deficient in essential lipids are overweight or obese. 

Being deficient in essential lipids doesn’t just make you gain weight – it reduces your protection against harmful oxidants, it increases your cholesterol levels, decreases hormone secretions, makes you tired and weakens your immune system. In addition, an ESSENTIAL LIPIDS deficiency can trigger depressed moods, cause muscle tissue loss and dramatically reduce the quality of your thoughts.

The fact is: You need essential lipids for basic health. If you’re deficient your body can’t work the way it’s supposed to - you’ll never feel or look as good as you want.  Being deficient in essential lipids can:

  • Make you gain weight
  • Increase your cholesterol levels
  • Rob you of energy and make you feel tired
  • Weaken your immune system
  • Increase your risk for certain cancers
  • Reduce healthy hormone secretions
  • Decrease your moods
  • Cause depression

The fact is: you need essential lipids – they’re crucial for your health.

Essential Lipids are crucial for your health because your body uses them to support basic health, to give you energy, to improve your moods and to help you efficiently burn fat.

Unfortunately, you can’t get all of the essential lipids you need from food alone - you need a high quality pharmaceutical strength essential lipids product that contains all of the 7 lipids that are proven effective by science. You need ESSENTIAL LIPIDS.

From your first dose ESSENTIAL LIPIDS will:

Essential Lipids You need essential lipids for basic health.

  • Help you lose weight by fighting fat with fat
  • Exert a strong antioxidant effect
  • Help lower your cholesterol levels
  • Increase your hormone secretion
  • Enhance your energy levels
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improve your moods and thinking abilities


Weight Loss:  being overweight is hard and losing weight and keeping it off is harder. Science shows that almost 100% of all people who are deficient in essential lipids are overweight. ESSENTIAL LIPIDS helps you lose weight by using fat to burn fat, and by eliminating the pesky cravings that cause weight gain in the first place.

Powerful antioxidant:  oxidants can damage your muscles and organs and cripple your health. ESSENTIAL LIPIDS fights harmful oxidants and protects you against oxidative damage.

Lowers cholesterol: high cholesterol is common and is a major health risk. High cholesterol increases your blood pressure and your chances of heart disease. Millions of people die from high-cholesterol induced by high blood pressure every year. Essential lipids can help reduce your cholesterol levels and support a healthy blood pressure.

Increases hormone secretion: healthy hormone secretion is necessary to lose weight, for healthy skin, shiny hair and awesome moods. Your body uses essential lipids to make the hormones you need for good health. If you are deficient in essential lipids your body cannot make the hormones you need to be healthy and to enjoy a slim body, healthy skin, shiny hair and awesome moods. Essential lipids will support optimal hormone secretion.

Increases energy levels: essential lipids gives you energy by fueling your energy producing cells. Essential lipids are the cleanest energy source for these cells.

Strengthens immune system: essential lipids will strengthen your immune system and protect your body against harmful oxidants, help optimize your hormone secretion, increase your energy levels and lower your cholesterol. Combined, these effects dramatically strengthen your immune system against minor cold and flues as well as potentially serious health conditions.

You'll be stronger and healthier when you use essential lipids every day.

ESSENTIAL LIPIDS works because it contains a revolutionary Seven Lipid Complex that’s strong, effective and real-world proven. Thousands of scientific studies have proven the power of the lipids in the Seven Lipid Complex!




Norwegian White Fish (EPA/DHA)
Omega 3,6,9 Oils

Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Anti-inflammatory effect
Strengthens immune system
Promotes feelings of well-being

Naturally occurring Vitamin E

Antioxidant effect
Increased Energy levels
Strengthens your immune system
Helps reduce body fat storage

Flaxseed Oil

Helps reduce cholesterol
Strong antioxidant effects
Improves moods and thinking abilities
Greater feelings of well-being
Speeds your metabolism so you burn more fat

Sunflower Oil

Strong antioxidant effect
Supports a strong immune system
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces the risk of certain cancers

Evening Primrose oil

Helps reduce blood pressure
Reduces cholesterol levels
Promotes weight loss
Boosts immune system and overall health

Oat Oil

Increases hormone production
Triggers fat loss
Increases energy levels
Enhances moods
Promotes feelings of well-being
Strong antioxidant effect

Sesame Seed Oil

Boosts energy levels
Triggers fat loss
Strong antioxidant effect
Boosts immune system
Improves moods
Improves thinking abilities

You need these lipids in precise amounts to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, increase your energy and strengthen you immune system.

You’ll see and feel the power of ESSENTIAL LIPIDS right away!

Your energy levels will increase immediately and within days you’ll look slimmer, your skin and hair will look younger, stronger and more vibrant – you’ll have a youthful glow – and you'll feel healthier and have a greater sense of well-being.

Each softgel of ESSENTIAL LIPIDS contains 1200mg of the strongest, safest and most effective essential lipids – you need just 3 softgels every day to meet your daily essential lipids needs! No other supplement is this strong! No other supplement is this effective! Cheap supplements can’t compare to the power, value and convenience of ESSENTIAL LIPIDS!

Only the strongest, safest and purest ingredients are in ESSENTIAL LIPIDS, so you get amazing results you can count on – guaranteed!

You need ESSENTIAL LIPIDS to be healthy, strong, vibrant and lean. You need ESSENTIAL LIPIDS to be your best!



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