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For years, bodybuilders have thought of protein as the key muscle building nutrient and have dismissed the potential of carbohydrates. The fact is, most bodybuilders think that carbohydrates only supply energy. There’s only one problem with this thinking: it’s not true.

Now, Carbohydrates are ANABOLIC.

CARB MATRIX is a breathtaking advance in carbohydrate evolution. Scientifically formulated and precision engineered for maximum anabolism, CARB MATRIX is a high-octane time-released anabolic carbohydrate matrix that unleashes the anabolic power of carbohydrates for the first time ever.

CARB MATRIX has unleashed the power of carbs, so now carbs don’t just supply energy, they also build muscle, increase your strength, enhance endurance, prevent muscle wasting, speed recovery and boosts your immune system.


  • Increases Immediate and Long-Term Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increases Strength
  • Enhances Endurance
  • Prevents Muscle Wasting
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Boosts Immune System

Increases Immediate and Long-Term Energy: CARB MATRIX is revolutionary and increases your immediate and long-term energy levels.  

Comprised of fructose and maltodextrin, CARB MATRIX rapidly supplies quick energy to your muscles and organs while sustaining high energy levels long-term via a time-released complex carbohydrate delivery. This time-released complex carbohydrate delivery ensures sustained glucose delivery and sustained glucose availability, culminating in superior performance!

Builds Muscle: CARB MATRIX makes carbohydrates anabolic and triggers rapid muscle growth by stimulating pancreatic insulin release. The hormone insulin stops cortisol – a muscle wasting hormone - from skyrocketing immediately after exercise and simultaneously stimulates protein synthesis. By suppressing cortisol and increasing protein synthesis, CARB MATRIX triggers anabolism so you build new muscle tissue!

For this reason, CARB MATRIX is best stacked for optimal results with PRO COMPLETE 40 – the professional strength complete protein formulation. Together, CARB MATRIX and PRO COMPLETE 40 are an unbeatable muscle-building combination that will take your muscle growth to new heights!

Increases Strength: Your muscles use glucose to generate explosive power, and CARB MATRIX primes and powers your muscles for explosive strength by feeding your muscles glucose over the course of your workout.  By feeding your muscles the glucose they need, CARB MATRIX makes you stronger!

Enhances Endurance: CARB MATRIX feeds your muscles glucose when it counts: NOW.  By giving your muscles immediate glucose and ensuring long-term glucose availability, CARB MATRIX makes sure that your muscles are never depleted of glucose.

This translates into a dramatically improved you with more endurance to work harder and longer with the kind of anabolic intensity you need to build quality muscle!

Prevents Muscle Wasting: CARB MATRIX is ANABOLIC, but it’s also ANTI-CATABOLIC and prevents muscle wasting.

By supplying immediate and long-term glucose to your hard working muscles, CARB MATRIX keeps your glucose supply steady and prevents your body from breaking down your muscle tissue to make glucose.

Additionally, CARB MATRIX triggers insulin release from your pancreas and suppresses the muscle destroying hormone cortisol that typically reaches maximum levels immediately after your workout.  By suppressing cortisol post-workout and keeping insulin levels elevated for several hours, CARB MATRIX protects your muscles and builds muscle by triggering protein synthesis!

Speeds Recovery: You don’t grow muscle during exercise – you grow when you rest. CARB MATRIX speeds your recovery by going to work even before you exercise! And, CARB MATRIX continues to work long after you’re done your workout.

Pre-exercise, CARB MATRIX gives your muscles the glucose they need now and long-term so they can work at their best now and also protects your muscles from being depleted of glucose during your workout. Preventing the complete depletion of glucose will put your muscles “ahead of the game” for recovery because you won’t be as fatigued or damaged as normal – so you’ll have less damage to repair in between workouts.

Post-workout, CARB MATRIX triggers a precise anabolic insulin hormone response that rapidly packs your muscles with glycogen. Glycogen replenishment is critical for fast recovery and growth, and CARB MATRIX shuttles glucose into your muscle tissues and maintains elevated insulin levels for several hours post-exercise, so you are replenished with glucose and primed for the muscle growth phase faster than ever before!

Boosts Immune System: In addition to increasing your immediate and long-term energy, building muscle, increasing strength, enhancing endurance, preventing muscle wasting and speeding your recovery, CARB MATRIX goes one step further by enhancing your overall immune system.

Only revolutionary CARB MATRIX is armed with scientifically proven colostrums that contain immunoglobins, lactoferin, proline-rich polypeptides, cytokines and vitamins. These scientifically proven colostrums fortify your immune system, protecting you from over-training symptoms while simultaneously further speeding your recovery and muscle growth!


Anabolic CARB MATRIX is a breathtaking advance in carbohydrate evolution - CARB MATRIX makes carbohydrates ANABOLIC.

Get anabolic CARB MATRIX and experience the anabolic power for yourself!


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